Amsterdam, Day 6

A truly pleasant day. After I lost my iAmsterdam card, I booked a day-trip to see the windmills in Zanse Schaans. It was probably one of my better choices on this trip. It was a really lovely day of seeing windmills, eating cheese, walking around little villages. I had a great tour guide, who was really well-informed and very nice.

We got back at around 2:30PM, so I went to the Museum of Our Lord in the Attic, which was a really fascinating museum of a secret Catholic Church, built because of the shift of the Netherlands being a Catholic region to a Protestant region. It had a very good audio tour and fascinating material to work with.

Then, I went to the Oude Kerk to look at the oldest church in Amsterdam. It does seem quite barren, if you’re used to visiting Catholic cathedrals. The Church is also under construction.

A really nice day, all said and done. Except for the weather which was truly atrocious after a certain time. My pants got wet to the point that it was comfortable to walk and difficult to take them off later. They’re still probably dripping on the bathroom floor from where I hung them up.

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