Amsterdam, Day Four

Big day today. I used my remaining iAmsterdam pass today to go to a few museums: the Rembrandthuis, the Dutch Resistance Museum, and the Jewish Cultural Quarter, which covers a further four museums (National Jewish Museum, Portuguese Synagogue, National Holocaust Museum, and the National Holocaust Monument).

I suppose any Jewish-related museums lay in the shadow of the Anne Frank House, since the Jewish Cultural Quarter was far less busy than the Anne Frank House.

Even as a traveler/amateur Instagram enthusiast, I do find some selfie-related tendencies to be quite strange. When I see people smiling and taking pictures with the Anne Frank statue or laughing at an exhibition about police brutality, I do have a sudden crush of discomfort. It is a normal feeling to want to document, but I can’t help but dislike transgressions of that nature. Smiling with Anne Frank’s statue is ignoring that the reason we know who she is is for entirely tragic reasons.

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