Amsterdam, Day One

I arrived in Amsterdam, having gotten roughly four minutes of sleep in twenty-nine hours. I think I went through the looking glass of being tired because I found it fairly to navigate. Everyone I’ve come across so far is very friendly.

I mainly attribute my good mood to being able to watch the majority of the double eviction on Big Brother before boarding my flight. My favorite contestant was able to win this week’s competition, thereby securing her place in the game for a little while longer.

I think I made a good choice in booking at the Hotel La Boheme. The desk attendant was very kind and willing to go over different suggestions for my trip. I even got a coffee and a stroopwaffel before I checked in.

I went on a canal tour of Amsterdam’s extensive canal system. The city was carved up to create easier methods of transport and for keeping the city from flooding. Amsterdam is allegedly known as “Venice of the North,” which I’ve heard no one say.

Dutch is a peculiar language. It looks like German but sounds very different. The desk attendant compared it to Hebrew, which I guess makes sense. There’s a throaty nature to it.

It’s currently raining. I might take a walk a little later. I’m exhausted though. Tomorrow morning I have a food tour that I’m excited about.

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