Amsterdam, Days Seven, Eight, and Nine

Although I’m back in the United States, I am more than willing to relive my vacation.

On Day Seven, I went to the Hermitage, which was in the middle of switching out exhibitions so I didn’t really see as much as I could have if I went during the major part of the tourist season. They had a huge exhibition on the Dutch Golden Age portraits. They had a light show in the largest of the halls, which I was surprised by, but it was still a gorgeous exhibition.

Then, I went to the Albert Cuyp Market, with the intention of finding something to eat. I ended up wandering around de Pijp, the neighborhood that the Albert Cuyp Market is in, for nearly two hours because I got lost like six different times.

Then, I went to the Van Loon Museum after I got my bearings. It was a really lovely museum that was about this wealthy family that still has a lot of cache in Amsterdam. They hosted President Obama and had a little display on him.

After all of that, not satisfied with walking too much already, I walked back to the Museumplein and bought some stuff at the Museum Gift Shop for my mom, since she had been watching my dog while I was away.

On Day Eight, it was a fairly laid back day. I went to the Houseboat Museum in the Jordaan. I got lost and couldn’t find it at first. Then, right at the Museum, there was some sort of emergency because there were firetrucks and police officers gathered around. I did end up finding the Houseboat Museum.

It’s very tiny and definitely not something you would build your whole day around. If you’re already in the Jordaan, make a stop because it is a fun time, but it’s not an affair that you’d spend more than an hour in (and an hour is pushing it). The houseboats are iconic within Amsterdam, so I do think it is worth a stop. I, for one, was surprised how roomy it was on the inside.

After lunch, I went to the Allard Pierson Museum, which is a museum focused around the Ancient Mediterranean (Etruscans, Romans, Egyptians). They were in the midst of a renovation so it was a quick trip. The renovated parts that are open to the public are beautiful; it is going to look gorgeous.

Afterward, I was trying to go to the KatteKabinet, which I read was a fun time. Unfortunately, I kept getting lost and couldn’t find it, so I ended up just walking around Amsterdam for a while. I got Vlaamse Frites and sat in Dam Square, watching the crowds.

Day Nine was my last day in Amsterdam, so I spent the morning just walking around the city. I mostly stayed in the Jordaan and went up towards Dam Square. While I was in the Jordaan, I went into the Amsterdam Cheese Museum store; I do wish I went into the Museum itself for a little bit. It would have been fun.

Then, to close out my trip, while I was waiting to go back to my hotel, I sat on a bench next to a canal, I believe the Leidsegracht (there’s so many it’s confusing), and just watched the boats pass. It was such a lovely time. I saw one guy piloting a boat by himself; he was drinking a beer and seemed really relaxed.

I had a great trip and I did exactly the things I wanted to do. There are some things I’d change or do differently, if given the chance but overall, I can’t say anything was disappointing. Everyone I met in Amsterdam was great, from the desk attendants at my hotel to the Canadian women I shared a coffee with to the bartender from Bulgaria. I had a truly wonderful trip.

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