Travel Philosophy

Every person has their own reasons for wanting to travel. Having a particular vision of what I think is a good vacation means that I have to be pretty accepting of other styles of travel. I am a rather particular traveler because I am often trapped in a swirl of anxiety that I created.

I like staying in one city for an extended period of time, for a week or so, and explore from there. As long as I can leave my suitcases in one place, I think I will enjoy myself. Rolling my suitcase around too much makes me absolutely sick. It’s the inherent contradiction within me: I want to go, but I can’t go too much.

I love history. History usually is the center that my trips will rotate around. I spend hours in museums and cathedrals. If I can take a tour, I’ll be there. I love smarter people than myself, telling me stuff.

I suppose my travel philosophy is based upon learning. I like learning about the history of my destination. I like being able to be in the same place as something amazing. If a Bonaparte brother happened to stay there for the night, even better!

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